Control Goal Soul is a simple, free tool that helps anyone get unstuck, power up and live more purposefully.

By using it, you will establish a strong sense of purpose. It will quickly help you to feel responsible for your future, and give you the tools to move forwards. And by doing so, it will also enable you to build in greater resilience, so that you can maintain this momentum and better adapt to whatever the world throws at you. As we've all experienced, we could all do with some of that.

Control Goal Soul helps you to make important life changes and structure your own journey of transformation. It is built around the philosophy that all the essential ingredients that will determine the course of your life can be boiled down into three core areas of influence...


Get unstuck by exploring what you can take responsibility for


Power up by focusing on the things that matter to you most


Living purposefully begins by nurturing your soul; whatever gives you peace and strength

An acute awareness and understanding of the various elements within these three spheres of influence, along with knowing how to interact with them, is the key to establishing and maintaining a happier, more fulfilled life.

CGS was created to do just that: to help you to map life's ingredients and then take command of them. It was born out of a need to find greater resilience and happiness due to the pressures and uncertainty brought into focus by the global pandemic.

One of the key principals of CGS is that each of these three areas is essential. Nurturing your soul is no longer a 'nice to do' but is a cornerstone of giving you the strength you need to take control, and only by doing those two things can you achieve your goals. Each element is dependent on the others.

How it works

We've developed two ways to use CGS: a QUICK tool and a FULL tool. It provides the flexibility to engage with it no matter the level of detail you are after or the time you have.


In the quick form, use the three circles above to get instant clarity on the path that will move you towards renewed happiness and greater success. 


Simply by understanding what fits into those three core areas has enabled many people to already gain greater balance and find more confidence in their direction.

For the full tool, for a more robust mechanism for support or transformation, we guide you through the following four steps (represented by this ringed model).



You first set a clear, guiding intention for what you want to achieve



Then identify where you will place your focus within the three areas of influence: Control, Goal & Soul



Next make pledges to commit to your selected priorities; either time or achievement oriented



Finally, protect your plan by identifying your values and using them to motivate you and steer success


Whether you're looking for the Quick support or the Full tool, the worksheet PDF will guide you through it step by step. Download it, read through and get started.

CGS has been worked on and developed over time - helping both its founders to achieve very real and profound benefits (find out more on our story here) - but it is still 'new' to the world. In time, we hope to turn CGS into an interactive digital tool that will connect with your existing software / smart tech uses. We also plan to provide you here with inspiring user cases, expanded guidance and helpful articles from experts. But for now, CGS is being beta launched as this in-depth worksheet.


If you download the tool, we'd really love to hear your thoughts so we can continue to refine it and make sure it is helping to add value to people's lives. And if you'd like to collaborate on taking CGS forward, we're also happy to hear from you.

Got questions or feedback? Fire us an email